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My Story

When the 1970s hit tv series MASH released on DVD in the early 2000s, I experienced them for the first time and the show had a massive impact on my life. A character by the name of Sidney Freedman served as an introduction of psychology to me and I knew from that point onward that I wanted my life to be spent understanding and helping others in some way.


The Sega Genesis was my first video game console and it presented interactive digital spaces through which I could have grand adventures.

Video games are an enjoyable hobby but they're so much more than that. They're a topic that I find intriguing and spend time wanting to better understand. I find it fascinating how we as people interact with a completely digital world yet experience very real and visceral memories. One could argue that the characters a player associates with in a game aren't real but the emotional responses to narrative outcomes are undoubtedly authentic. 


While pursuing my psychology degree (thanks MASH) I realized that I didn't have much life experience. I needed to grow and see more of the world so I took advantage of a volunteer opportunity in mainland China. I returned and finished my degree but volunteering in the PRC began a multi-year cycle of travelling and working abroad that opened my eyes to what the world has to offer. I spent a year working in Taiwan and it still holds a large part of my heart.

Heart Taiwan (More Blue).png

Thinking of the future, I want to collaborate with others on projects that we are passionate about that can make a positive impact on this world. Technology is advancing and changing in many areas including AR, VR, voice guidance, and thinking of being part of this development is exciting. 

Having completed DevMountain's Immersive UX program and courses through Coursera as well as attending online seminars and workshops, I am always wanting to learn. 

vr (2).png

In my off hours, I play Dungeons & Dragons and listen to podcasts. Video games have always been a staple (as has drinking tea) and I enjoy cooking most of the food that I eat. The pandemic has put a stop to travel but I am always looking into where I would like to visit next in the world.

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